• A southern province of the Empire.
  • Located west of Reikland between the provinces of Wissenland to the south, Stirland and the Moot to the north, and the Black Mountains to the west.
  • Named after the river Aver, which flows on its northern border.
  • The most recent elector count was Marius Leitdorf. But he was recently slain by an orc warlord, and the position remains vacant and contested.
  • Its capital city is Averheim.
  • The primary religious cult is Sigmar.
  • Homeland of the ancient Brigundians tribe.
  • Its symbol is a golden sun. Its colors are black and yellow.


  • Averland’s military is stout and always prepared, as they have dealt with numerous orc invasions in the past.
  • Averlanders are often expert hunters and trappers; these experts are referred to as Bergjaegers.
  • Many halflings live in Averland, mostly because of its proximity to the Moot.
  • Wide fertile plains create the ideal breeding grounds for the best horses in the Empire.
  • The knightly Order of the Black Bear makes its home in Averland. They are known as one of the more boisterous knightly order.


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