Ghal Maraz

The ancient and holy Hammer of Sigmar

weapon (melee)


  • Also known as “Skull Splitter”, it is the Hammer of Sigmar. It was wielded by the famed founder of the Empire, Sigmar Heldenhammer.
  • It was gifted to him by the dwarf king Kurgan Ironbeard after Sigmar rescued him from a band of orcs.
  • The hammer itself was crafted by ancient dwarfs, and the skill, power, and patience put into its creation can never be duplicated again. It is 100% unique.
  • It gains its immense power through inscribed runes, similar to other dwarf weapons.

Legacy and Inheritance

  • When Sigmar departed the Empire, he purposely left behind Ghal Maraz as a symbol of the Emperor’s authority.
  • It has since been passed down from emperor to emperor, and is currently held by Karl Franz.

Ghal Maraz

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