Tindo Bolg

Dying uncle to Boga Bolg, dwarven diplomat to the Empire



  • Forth youngest brother of Kala Bolg.
  • Served as a long-time diplomat to the Empire.
  • Tall for dwarf standards. Keeps his white hair cut short.
  • Enjoys the finer things in life: dressing well, attending parties, fine wine, art, etc.
  • Has always been overly interested in human culture, to the disdain of his family. Has always been considered the black sheep of the family.


  • On a visit to Altdorf as a young dwarf, Tindo was caught sleeping with a human woman. To save the reputation of his family and devise an excuse for such behavior, his older brother Kala (recently named thane of Karaz Kalad) immediately named him ambassador to the Empire. Since then he has been living in Altdorf, fulfilling those duties with pride.
  • He was always viewed with suspicion by the family for his fondness of the distrustful humans and their queer cultures, but as of late that fondness had only grown more pronounced. Tindo was secretly involved with many strange human pleasantries, such as a prostitutes, pleasure houses, and hallucinogenic drugs; things a normal dwarf would never even think of finding joy in.
  • News reached Karaz Kalad that he had suddenly fallen ill and was likely to perish. Sadly, his family had grown so distant, none besides his nephew Boga would pay him any respects.
  • Tindo choose to be buried in Altdorf rather than the clan tombs at Karaz Kalad. This caused many members of the Bolg clan to reject him entirely. Boga still remained close to him despite his strangeness.

Tindo Bolg

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