Rickard Aschaffenberg

Lord of Grunewald Lodge



  • Lord of Grunewald Lodge
  • Member of a minor noble family (the Aschaffenbergs) from Ubersreik, though still very wealthy
  • A huge bear of a man; slightly overweight but otherwise healthy.
  • Sports a bushy, dark brown beard and dresses ostentatiously, wearing golden chains and large furs.
  • Carries a fine rapier and knows how to sword fight.
  • Deep bellowing voice, has a definite commanding presence and a jovial, outgoing personality
  • Loves to drink, eat, and have fun. But takes the responsibility of his position and class very seriously.
  • Believes in the inherent moral superiority of the aristocracy.

Recent History

  • Two months ago, was betrothed to Ludmilla von Bruner.
  • Was given custody of Grunewald Lodge by Lord Heissman von Bruner until Heissman’s youngest son, Leopold, comes of age to inherit it
  • Has only spent a few weeks in the lodge so far, and has already noticed the odd nature of its residents. Sent his most trusted servant, Vern Hendrick, to hire a group of external investigators (which ended up being you). Does not want to alert authorities just yet, as he doesn’t want to upset his new powerful in-laws, the von Bruners

Rickard Aschaffenberg

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