Olver Gand

Kennel master at Grunewald Lodge



  • The kennel master at Grunewald Lodge.
  • A former soldier in the Reikland army.
  • He is a huge, bald man in his early 30s, nearly six and a half feet tall and heavily built full of muscles.
  • His stubbled face is a mass of scars and he sports a broken nose.
  • He wears tall, leather hunting boots and leather trousers, but prefers to bare his chest to display his rippling muscles. He wears a spiked collar around his neck.
  • He is overall a rather quiet but respectful man.
  • He is very brave and makes a formidable foe if challenged to a fight.
  • He despises beastmen, which he has fought many times. He will fight to the death to oppose them, if given the opportunity.

The hounds

  • Three massive Tilian man hounds (mastiffs), each weighing roughly 200 lbs.
  • They almost always stay in the kennels.
  • He is overly protective of his hounds, and prefers their company to that of other humans.
  • They are extremely loyal to Gand and will protect him viciously.

Olver Gand

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