James Voelker's human mystic



  • You grew up on the mean streets of Altdorf, and only vaguely remember your early past and parents.
  • The Grey Order found you as a teenager, saw potential in you, and gave you a job as a mystic in their magic shop.
  • The shop itself is a fake, selling mostly junk and acting as a front for their more clandestine operations.
  • Your orders were to make money using your skill at deception, but you are certain there is more to it than meets the eye.
  • They insist on a very passive relationship with you; everything is don’t-ask-don’t-tell.
  • They don’t know you have real foresight powers; they simply assume you are a good liar.
  • They will flatter you on occasion, but you’re pretty sure they aren’t even intent on making you a wizard at all. They said they’d “stay in touch”, which you assume means they are just taking advantage of you as a pawn.

Interactions with Boga

  • Boga visited your shop as a regular patron while in town.
  • You mostly just provided him with trivial prophecies and lies. Over time, he slowly started to doubt in your powers.
  • One night, you had what you would deem the most powerful and disturbing dream you’ve ever had. You dreamed of vague details of doom surrounding Boga and his family.
  • On his next visit you told him everything you had seen, but that’s when he really lost faith in your power. He left, clearly offended and swearing never to return.
  • This vision continued to bother you for awhile. As you obsessed with trying to solve the cryptic mysteries, you slowly started neglecting your other duties and clients.


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