Boga Bolg

Touyee's dwarven ironbreaker



  • The Bolg clan is the ruling nobility of the hold Karaz Kalad.
  • You are the second son of the hold thane, Kala Bolg.
  • As you have no claim to the throne, you must prove yourself in another field. You have chosen to join the order of the Ironbreakers, steadfast defenders of your hold.

The Burial of Tindo Bolg

  • About a year ago you left Karaz Kalad to visit your dying uncle, Tindo Bolg, in Altdorf
    • Tindo was the Bolg clan’s diplomat to the Empire
    • He was always viewed with suspicion by the family for his fondness of the distrustful humans and their queer cultures, something that had only grown more pronounced as of late.
    • Tindo was secretly involved with many strange human pleasantries, such as a prostitutes, pleasure houses, and hallucinogenic drugs; things a normal dwarf would never even think of finding joy in.
    • Tindo choose to be buried in Altdorf rather than the clan tombs at Karaz Kalad. This caused many members of the Bolg clan to reject him entirely. Boga still remained close to him despite his strangeness.
  • You were able to speak with Tindo a few days before his passing. He was not in a very lucid state, but he kept babbling vaguely of a grave warning that he must share with you and apologizing repeatedly for no reason. Despite his failing mental state, he was very cautious to maintain the secrecy of his words. He insisted on meeting with you in private the next morning… but he never woke up and died that night.
  • Because of his strange over-fondness for humans (such as his demands to be buried Altdorf), the Bolgs were never fond of Tindo. You were the only Bolg to attend his funeral, a lonely, quiet, sparsely-attended, and far too simple affair for a dwarf of his status, wealth, and nobility. The only other attenders were a small group of Tindo’s human allies, strangely dressed nobles.

Interactions with Koratus

  • On previous trips to Altdorf, you’ve made a custom of stopping by a local fortune teller, Koratus, just for fun. You don’t believe such non-sense; you simply found it comical.
  • After Tindo’s funeral you decided to stop by Koratus’ shop one more time to cheer you up. But this time was different, as Koratus’ mood was decidedly more dour. He kept babbling on about a horrible dream he had involving vague descriptions of doom surrounding you.
  • Small white lies just for fun are one thing. But this latest one you found rather crass and offensive. You left vowing never to return.
  • On the way back home, Koratus caught up with you in the town of Ubersreik. Exasperated, he claimed he had a more complete vision, this time able to provide more specific detail: your hold has fallen. He provided you with descriptions of your hold that proved his legitimacy. He described vision of fire and smoke.

The Fallen Hold

  • Having now trusted Koratus and his visions, you sped home as fast as you could. Upon reaching Karaz Kalad you find both entrances to the hold collapsed and a small camp of miners from nearby Khazid Grimaz trying to form a search-and-rescue operation.
  • You speak with Ghori Malnaz, the mining chief of Khazid Grimaz. You’ve known him from previous business between your two families. Ghori informs you that the main rescue operation was called off by his superiors in Khazid Grimaz, because the mission was too dangerous. What you see here is just the remnants of a small group who disobeyed orders to continue working. Ghori swears an oath to you that he will gain entrance somehow. Though he won’t come out and admit it, he seems to not trust the leaders of his hold.
  • Upon investigation, local residents of the nearest human town of Halgenbach claim to have heard the rumble and saw the smoke rising from near Karaz Kalad but refused to do or say anything more about it. Though you are familiar with the normally passive nature of the humans in the this region, you get the feeling that they were simply too preoccupied with something bigger, as many appear overly exhausted.

Interactions with Kzahr

  • Koratus also introduces you to Kzahr, a young apprentice wizard who is volunteering to assist you on your mission. News of your fallen hold has affected him as well. He was originally from the area and grows concerned for his estranged family there.

Beginning the Investigation

  • After receiving the promise from Ghori, you set out back for Altdorf to appeal to Tindo’s human allies, but as you make your way back through Ubersreik you run into Koratus (who’s been staying there since you last left) again and he has more news for you. He tells you he found secret ties between the local von Bruner family and Tindo that may be helpful. However, the family is notoriously biased against dwarves and you find it impossible to get an audience with him.
  • After a short stay in Ubersreik, you discover a potential in with the von Bruners; it turns out Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg, recently married into the von Bruners and rather fond of dwarves, is in need of some assistance and may be able to provide the connection you need. Koratus introduces you to Vern Hendrick, Lord Rickard’s personal assistant hiring for the position.

Boga Bolg

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